Art Mesh price

Art Mesh price
Posted by oejjweis8 on 2020/10/13
Art Mesh price

Product Description
Woven metal mesh is always the main parts of architectural wire meshes, it plays an important role in the decoration parts.The Wire mesh screen of JOYA wire mesh is be occupied by JY-2614.This pattern can be woven by stainless steel wire,brass wire, colorful wires, because of the special mesh structure, the mesh has a square shape in the surface.while woven with different raw materials, seen from different view, will show you a different color.
The product is able to give each product a particular elegant appearance, due to the great transparency of the material and the metal mesh brilliance. It鈥檚 possible to customize the Metal product with a satin, colored or mirror Plexiglass sheets finishing. Therefore, please share your ideas of your project with us, we can help you perfect your designs and manufacture the wire mesh screen which is suitable for your project.
About Us
Once you have needs of wire mesh screen, you can contact us, we not only supply high quality stainless steel wire mesh but also supply mesh install system, and we can help you in deepen the designs. if you can鈥檛 find something in our range, our engineering team will work with you to create something truly unique. We always bearing the mind of 鈥榝rom idea to reality鈥? choosing JOYA wire Mesh will be one of your goods choices when meeting the architectural mesh project, we are just here waiting your projects.Art Mesh price

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