Ceramic Adhesive suppliers

Ceramic Adhesive suppliers
Posted by oakjkg3 on 2020/07/14
Ceramic Adhesive suppliers

Usage of high temperature ceramic adhesive:
1. Before high temperature ceramic adhesive bonding, polish the surface of bonded parts with 100-120 abrasive cloth, and then remove oil with acetone. If possible.
2. High temperature ceramic glue can dry quickly at room temperature. Generally, 600 grams of glue should be prepared at one time. Please use it up within 30 minutes. It is better to use a container with a large bottom area for loading. Please make preparations before use, how much to use and how much to use now.
3. Accurately weigh the two components of AB in a clean and dry container according to the ratio with a pharmaceutical balance, and operate the ratio according to 1:1.Mix well and set aside. Apply the glue evenly on the treated ceramic piece (the amount of glue should be appropriate).Then carry out lamination according to the requirements of the drawing, and remove the extruded.
Item/IndexWear-resistant ceramic adhesive
colorWhiteWhite (light yellow)Grey/White
Density (g/cm3)1.281.66~1.701.48~1.52
Weight ratio (A:B)04:0101:0104:01
Volume ratio (A:B)04:0101:0104:01
Operation time (200g mixing, min)303030
Full curing time (h)242424
After curing hardness (ShoreD) GB/T2411-2008---
Compressive strength (MPa) GB/T1041-2008---
Tensile strength (MPa) GB/T6329-1996656535
Shear strength (MPa) GB/T7124-2008鈮?0鈮?0鈮?8
Working temperature (鈩?-210-210-260
Expiration date (years)222Ceramic Adhesive suppliers

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