China Bushing Current Transformer

China Bushing Current Transformer
Posted by sin6bm on 2021/01/11
China Bushing Current Transformer

Product Description锛?/strong>
Split core residual current transformers of LSYK2 series have been designed to easily installed .
1) Open closed ct
2) Wide range of sizes to accommodate all the existing installations
4) Epoxy resin.
Outline Dimension drawing锛?/strong>
Zhikai ,we own one strong R&D and QC team continues to innovate new solutions for customers in the area of Smart Grid Industry all covering distribution, Saving&Protecting&Metering Electricity, and Power System.
Rated primary current1ACompressive strengthAC 3kv/min
Rated Second current0.5mA,1mAInsulation resistanceDC 500V/100M惟
Accuracy level0.2 0.5Continuous hot current2A
Working frequency50-400HzWorking temperature-15 鈩?~ 50鈩?/p>
Note: The current Ratio above are common type, other specifications can be provided according to customers鈥?requirements
According to the national standard GB14287-2005 electrical Fire Monitoring System and relevant specifications electrical Fire monitoring system
Electrical fire monitoring device
Electrical fire monitoring device
Design Method (interim provisions), then the basic composition of the electrical fire intelligent monitoring system should include: electrical fire monitoring device, residual current electrical fire monitoring detector and temperature measuring electrical fire monitoring detector, and other three most basic product types.Among them, the residual current electric fire monitoring detector is composed of the monitoring detector and the residual current transformer (divided into two types: pair plug type and closed type).The temperature measuring electrical fire monitoring detector consists of a monitoring detector and a temperature measuring sensor
Inner box, outer cartonChina Bushing Current Transformer

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