China Cotton Mask Washable

China Cotton Mask Washable
Posted by showtttt on 2020/11/30
China Cotton Mask Washable

Our History
The company's main medical product research and development, production, processing sales of medical devices, air filter materials, fiber composite materials, goods or technology import and export; At present, the company hasa production capacity of 100000 class dust-free workshops with KN95 and disposable mask.The ruikang brand: KN95, disposable masks, Disposable medical masks, disposable surgical masks and disposable protective masks for children have all passed YY/T0969-2013, YY0469-2011, GB/T32610-2016, T/GDMDMA0005-2020and other industrial production standards, and have obtained overseas export CE and FDA certification. China Cotton Mask Washable

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