China Face Mask With Valve

China Face Mask With Valve
Posted by xiaoerduo721 on 2020/11/02
China Face Mask With Valve

Breathable valve face mask is KN95 mask with valve which can be used by medical workers in the department of infectious diseases. Its effect is similar to N95 mask.
KN95 masks are international standard masks of the same type, and N95 is the American standard. They all mean that they can block 95% of non-oily particles. N means non-oil resistant particles. For some oily particles The occlusion effect is not enough. Non-oily particles such as bacteria, viruses, and dust have good effects and can be used.
Testing data of KN95 face mask
Testing ItemsRequirement
Formaldehyde content鈮?0 mg/kg
PH Value4.0~7.5
Ethylene oxide residue鈮?0渭g/g
Bacterial filtration efficiency(BFE)鈮?5%
Particulate matter filtration efficiency(PFE)鈮?0%
Ventilation resistance鈮?0Pa
Breaking strength of the mask belt and the joint between the mask belt and the mask body鈮?0N
Heavy metal contentArsenic鈮?.2mg/kg
Cadmium鈮?.1 mg/kg
Cobalt鈮?.0 mg/kg
Chromium鈮?.0 mg/kg
Copper鈮?5.03 mg/kg
Nickel鈮?.0 mg/kg
Lead鈮?.2 mg/kg
Antimony鈮?0.0 mg/kg
Microbial indexColiform groupNo
Pathogenic pyogenic bacteriaNo
Total fungal colonies鈮?00CFU/g
Total bacterial colonies鈮?00CFU/g
Vision under mask鈮?0掳
Packing method
1. Vacuum bag
1800 pcs/carton, 2 pcs/bag
Carton size: 80*56*38 cm
Gross weight: 18 kg
2. Box
1600 pcs/carton, 40 boxes/carton, 40 pcs/box (8 bags/ box, 5 pcs/bag)
Carton size: 70*52* 36.5cm
Gross weight: 14.5 kg
Use time depends on the environment
Good conditionChange new one after 40 hours use
Light pollutionChange new one after 20 hours use
Moderate pollutionChange new one after 12 hours use
Heavy pollutionChange new one after 8 hours use
Serious pollutionChange new one after 4 hours use
When you feel a significant increase in breathing resistance, or the mask is dirty or damaged, you need to discard it as a whole
1. Wear a mask when it is necessary
You should wear a mask during flu season, haze, sandy weather, sickness and when you go to the hospital. In winter, it is best to wear a mask when going out for the elderly with low immunity and the weak and sick.
2. Don't prefer colored masks
Fashionable color masks are mostly made of chemical fiber fabrics, which have poor air permeability and chemical irritating odors, which are easy to cause damage to the respiratory tract. Qualified masks are made of non-woven fabric and meltblown fabric.
3. Don't put it around
It is unscientific to put them in random after use and not clean them in time. After wearing a mask for 4-6 hours, many germs will gather. After wearing it, you should fold the mask first, fold the side close to the nose and mouth when folded, put the mask in a clean bag, and finally put it in a bag or pocket.
4. Don't run with a mask
Many friends who love outdoor sports often do sports. In order to prevent smog or COVID-19, some people may choose to wear masks to continue. However, the doctor suggested: Because the demand for oxygen during outdoor exercise is greater than usual, masks may cause poor breathing and even hypoxia in the organs, which can have very serious consequences.
5. Don't affect the line of sight
After wearing the mask, it should be able to cover most of the area below the mouth, nose and eye sockets. The edge of the mask is close to the face, but be careful not to affect the line of sight.
Q: What Certifications do you have?
A: Youmaisi has CE certification, standard of face mask is GB2626-2006, EN149:2001+A1:2009.
Q: What is MOQ of face mask?
A: MOQ is 500 pcs for international market.
Q: Do you provide sample?
A: We can provide sample.
Q: What is delivery time?
A: Delivery time depends on order quantity.
Normally, qty less than 50,000 takes 1-2 days.
About US
Youmaisi is professional medical devices manufacture including face mask, rehabiliation devices which owns 30 face mask production lines and capacity is 2 million pcs/day
Products have KN95 protective face mask, disposable face mask, disposable medical face mask, kids mask.
Youmaisi has passed US EUA and CE certification. CE NB number is 2163, which is official PPE directive party.
During COVID-19, Youmaisi has supplied more than 50 million face mask for chinese market and international market.
Youmaisi is a large and professional medical device and is the best choice for all customers.China Face Mask With Valve

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