China Melt Blown Fabric

China Melt Blown Fabric
Posted by mtechnik on 2021/01/04
China Melt Blown Fabric

BFE99 medical grade meltblown fabric mask middle filter layer Nelson test report
Product introduction
Hengqi melt-blown fabric adopts 1600 wide-width large-scale machines, and the high-end melt-blown die head has been deposited in the precision mold industry for 10 years. The melt-blown fabric sprayed is uniform and good in toughness. The melt blown fabric passed the test of Nelson laboratory in the United States, and the mask passed the SGS test. At present, Hengqi melt blown fabric is exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions.
Product specification
Product namemelt blown fabric
Filtration efficiencyPFE99 BFE99
Product feature and aplication
This product has good filtering and shielding properties. It can be used for air, liquid filter materials, isolation materials, absorption materials, mask materials, thermal insulation materials, etc.
Production deatils
Product qualification
Hengqi Precision Mould has a team of 200 people and has set up branch factories in Tianjin and Malaysia. In 2015, an imported processing center was established and imported high-precision processing equipment from many countries was introduced. In 2017, after the introduction of Chuangyuan Neural-Mos production management system, a new customized mold management model in China, namely "production command and data", was effectively unified. From personnel management, production management and many other aspects, the capacity, efficiency, and quality are brought to a whole new level in Asia. It produces more than 1 ton of BFE99 grade melt blown fabric per day, and the masks produced by its medical device factories have passed SGS international testing. Hengqi melt blown fabric BFE, VFE, PFE can reach more than 99%, and provide high-quality melt blown fabric at an appropriate market price.
Deliver,Shipping And Serving
Hengqi provides perfect after-sales service to guarantee the result of every sale.
Under the premise of strictly following the storage of melt blown fabric, the melt blown fabric can be guaranteed within the promised warranty period.
1. What are the cutting widths of meltblown fabric?
Answer: The cutting width is usually 175mm, and there are also 142mm, 240mm, 260mm, 390mm specifications, and custom specifications are also accepted.
2. What is the daily production capacity of melt blown fabric?
Answer: Hengqi's melt blown fabric can produce 1-2 tons per day.
3. What is the ventilation resistance range of meltblown fabric?
Answer: At 85 flow rate, the ventilation resistance is around 40-80. At 32 flow rate, the ventilation resistance is less than 30.China Melt Blown Fabric

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