China Punching Machine Game

China Punching Machine Game
Posted by dwuasng on 2020/11/12
China Punching Machine Game

Prize out punching machine game-Ultimate Big Punch 3 version, Our Boxing Punching Bag is the "big punch". With the electronic box, the game keeps up with your score as you punch the bag. this is also an Arcade punching game, can be made with ticket out and Coca Cola comes out. LED Light show the machine more bright, has a prize showcase, every 2 times you punching, anytime your scores larger than last time highest score, you will get 3 tins Coco Cola, if not above the largest scores, will have 1 time to win a lottery, maybe 1 tin Coco Cola. Also, you can set as any other soft drink.
The Boxer Arcade Boxing Machine is your standard boxing game. This true arcade classic always draws a crowd.
The Boxer Features:
* Durable, sturdy construction
* Variety of front glasses
* Large, bright LED display
* Impressive animations available on the display
* Customer's advert, company logo on the display
* Single (solo) and tournament (multi) modes
* TOP 3 scores visible on display
* Waterproof
* Secure cash box
Display Size: 140*130*215CM
Power: 338W
Weight: 155 KGS
Packing: Our indoor boxing machine game can be packed as cartoon boxes, 1 piece backing.
Locations: More than 300 locations and 20 countries.China Punching Machine Game

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