China Rotary Vibrating Sieve factory

China Rotary Vibrating Sieve factory
Posted by ergetttt on 2020/08/24
China Rotary Vibrating Sieve factory

As to vibratory sieve screen, Screening is to divide different particles into different particle groups with the same size through screening. An ordinary rotary vibrating screen can screen out 2-6 particle grades with different sizes, which is suitable for powder and granular materials.
Vibrating sieve working principle:
The vibration source of the shale shaker is mainly the vibration motor. The vibration is generated by the eccentric weight block at the upper and bottom of the shaft bar of the motion generator. The rotation of the weight block at the top can generate the vibration of the horizontal plane, making the material move towards the edge through the screen.
The function of the lower weight block is the tilt of the machine, the vertical direction of the big break and the vibration of the tangent plane. The lower weight block provides the change control of screening with respect to the upper weight block. Therefore, the operator can set the speed of the material passing through the screen surface and the spiral screening form, handle different screening materials, and achieve different screening efficiency.
How to choose the suitable machine model of rotary sieve machine?
Customers who are familiar with technical performance and parameters can directly order.
Customers who need us to choose the models, please follow the information:
Name and feature of the raw material?
Aim of using: get rid of impurity, filtration, grading
Handling capacity: kg /h, L/h
The raw material size: (mesh or mm)
How many final materials you want, or how many layer you need?
These can help a lot of recommend suitable machine model.
Vibratory separators machine need to Regular maintenance and maintenance are required to maintain the screening effect and long mechanical life
Sifter vibro sieve machine packing with wooden box , small machine model can package, big one need to Direct container shipment.China Rotary Vibrating Sieve factory

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