China UHMWPE Other Application Pipes

China UHMWPE Other Application Pipes
Posted by troqsng on 2020/11/24
China UHMWPE Other Application Pipes

>Excellent Raw Material of Conveyor UHMW Roller Cover
The roller idler uhmw polyethylene pipe for thebelt conveyor idler sleeve supplied by Dragon are made of UHMWPE (ULTRA HIGH MOLECULAR WEIGHT POLYETHYLENE), which is a linear polyethylene with molecular weight of over 2.5 million.With an ultra-high molecular weight, this amazing thermoplastic as the polyethylene conveyor roller sleeves could be a substitution of PE conveyor belt idler coveris holding kinds of extraordinary performances.
Datasheet of UHMWPE Raw Material
PropertyASTM TestUnits Metric(US)Typical Values
Specific GravityD792mg/cm30.926-0.934
Tensile [email protected](PSI)21(3100)
Tensile [email protected](PSI)48(7000)
[email protected]%350
Young鈥檚(鈥淓鈥? Modulus(23鈩?D638Mpa(PSI 105)690(1.0)
Young鈥檚(鈥淓鈥? Modulus(-269鈩?D638Mpa(PSI 105)2970(4.3)
Izod Impact Strength(23鈩?D256(1)J/m(ft-LBS/in notch)140(30)
Izod Impact Strength(-40鈩?D256(1)J/m(ft-LBS/in notch)100(21)
Hardness, Shore 鈥淒鈥?/p>D2240-62-66
Abrasion Resistance(2)-100
Water AbsorptionD570%Nil
>Covering the conveyor rollers with uhmw polyethyleneroller idler pipes will offer you:
A Better Protection for the products on the roller conveyors from damage;
Longer Belt Life and Power Saving because of the good surface roughness of the uhmw polyethylene pipe cover sleeves and lighter in weight.
Specification of Conveyor UHMWPE Roller Cover
DiameterDN30 ~ DN500
Thickness3mm ~ 60mmChina UHMWPE Other Application Pipes

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