Cosmetic Jars China

Cosmetic Jars China
Posted by astao387v on 2020/11/05
Cosmetic Jars China

These acrylic containers come in various shapes, sizes and styles.
The bottle can be thick or thin, depending on the manufacturer's preference or the material stored.
Thicker bottles, especially when combined with cloudy pearl colors, give the product an elegant and luxurious appearance, which is very suitable for high-end beauty products. The appearance of acrylic jars with airtight lids is similar to glass, which makes them attractive to buyers, but not as easily broken as glass.
parameter information锛?/p>MaterialAcrylic
ArtworkScreen printing, frosting, spraying, hot stamping, electroplating, spraying, screen printing
PriceFactory direct price
PackingNormal export carton packing
Or other packing methods required by the customer.
Delivery Time20-30 working days after receipt of payment. Delivery within 15 days, drawings are not included.
Many manufacturers prefer acrylic plastic because it is easy to mass produce and can extend the shelf life of cosmetics.
Acrylic, in addition to being durable, is also quite cheap, especially when compared to glass products.
Plastic container made of high-quality acrylic material. Suitable for facial creams, moisturizers, hair masks and body scrubs.
Other instructions:
1. We can provide free samples for customer approval.
2. All our plastic materials are new materials.
3. We can specially produce translucent, transparent, frosted, metal and pearlescent shells according to customer requirements.
4. Customized design: Our R&D department provides mold services and processing services, such as UV coating, bright or matte spraying, and can provide logo printing in silk printing, hot embossing, laser decoration, and transfer film.
5. No longer worry about quality problems: Sinbottle packaging has strong quality assurance and strict standard production procedures. The factory is established in strict accordance with factory audit standards
Feedback: Our success depends on your satisfaction, so your feedback is very important to us. If you can give us positive feedback after getting a satisfactory product, we will be very grateful! Thank you very much!Cosmetic Jars China

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