Customized Modern Hotel Restaurant Furniture

Customized Modern Hotel Restaurant Furniture
Posted by hdhvd2 on 2020/09/21
Customized Modern Hotel Restaurant Furniture

Restaurant furniture set woodiness kind furniture: put level, avoid often be in instable state and make structure loose, avoid sunshine point-blank as far as possible. Don't put your furniture directly in front of you. In the air conditioning or heating gas slander, so as not to be affected by moisture and deformation of the furniture cracking.
Restaurant furniture set leather furniture: always keep clean, with cotton cloth gently wipe off the surface dust; Spray with leather care agent once a month to lengthen the skin Service life.
Restaurant furniture set iron furniture: tieyi furniture to regularly remove the surface layer of dust with A cotton cloth, dipped in a mild detergent, Wipe gently. For dust in depressions, use a fine wool brush along the crevices.
Q1锛欻ow long will it take to execute my order?
A1: Depends on your size of order, generally. Please let us know the quantity and model of the items to a correct production schedule.
Q2锛欻ow much will the shipping charges be?
A2: This will depend on the size of your shipment and the method of shipping. When inquired about shipping charges, we hope that you let us know the detailed information such as the codes and quantity, your favorable method of shipping, (by air or by sea,) and your design- ated port or airport.

Customized Modern Hotel Restaurant Furniture

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