Disinfectant Water Making Machine factory

Disinfectant Water Making Machine factory
Posted by nencha on 2020/08/26
Disinfectant Water Making Machine factory

Product Manual
NameDisinfectant water making machine
Rated voltage12 v=
Rated power26 w
Tolerance300mg/L Tolerance
Selection of colorSilver gray/pink/green/yellow
Product Branch Introduction
Product Characteristics
The sodium hypochlorite disinfectant with broad-spectrum, non-toxic, harmless and non-residual pollutants can be produced by using small electric energy from home-made refined salt water. Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant can quickly and effectively kill Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and so on. It has a good killing effect on poliovirus and does not produce chlorinated compounds with carcinogenesis, mutagenicity and so on. It is the safest, environmentally friendly, hygienic and healthy substitute in the world recognized disinfectant solution.
Application: fruit, vegetables, tableware, family, office, restaurant, hotel, hospital, college, beauty salon, pet, bath center, toys, decolorization and bleaching.
Usage: diffuse, wipe and spray. the effective sterilization rate reached 99.99%.
Principle Of Sterilization
The principle of sterilization and virus killing of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant has the following three main ways:
1. Disinfectant of sodium hypochlorite is the most important way of sterilization is through its hydrolysis to form hypochloric acid, hypochlorite is further decomposed to form new ecological oxygen O), the extremely strong oxidation of new ecological oxygen makes bacteria and virus proteins and other substances denatured, thus killing pathogenic microorganisms.
2. Perchloric acid can not only act on cell wall and virus, but also penetrate into bacteria (virus) because of its small molecule and no charge, and oxidize with organic polymers such as bacterial (virus) body protein, nucleic acid and enzyme, thus killing pathogenic microorganisms.
3. Chloride ions produced by hypochlorite can also significantly change the osmotic pressure of bacteria and virions, causing the cells to lose activity and die.
Operating Methods
Note: In the manufacture of disinfectant solution, keep the upper cover open.
I. Connect the power supply and the machine will enter the standby state. The blue light of the cup body IS always on. After the blue light is off, click "START" button to enter the corresponding mode.
2. Press the "START" button to enter the mode directly;
1. Press once to enter the washing mode, and the blue light of the cup LED flashes once;
2. Press once again within three seconds to enter the disinfection mode, and the cup body LED blue light flashes twice. No operation within 3 seconds, the cup body will enter the working state with blue light always on. In the working state, the power can be disconnected and stopped.
3. Running time: wash the face mode and elimination mode 3 minutes, washing mode 10 minutes.
4. After the end of the work, the cup body LED blue light goes out and enters the standby state.
Scope And Methods Of Use
Scope of useAllowable concentration (in terms of available chlorine content) mg/ LTime of action (min)Method of use
Surface of general objects100-25010-30Wipe, soak, rinse and disinfect all kinds of clean objects
400-70010-30Wipe, soak, rinse and spray all kinds of non-clean objects. The amount of spray is wet.
Food and BeverageAccording to the hygienic standard of disinfection of food and drinkTo remove residue, after cleaning utensils for soaking disinfection; after disinfection should be residual disinfectant washed clean.
40020Disinfection infectious disease patients after the use of contaminated utensils, can first remove residue, cleaning and then soaking disinfection, soaking disinfection time must not be less than 20 min, after disinfection should be residual disinfectant washed clean.
500-80030Soak and disinfect the utensils after removing the residue and not cleaning; after disinfection, rinse the residual disinfectant.
Fruit and vegetables100-20010Wash the fruits and vegetables first and then.
After disinfection, clean the residual disinfectant with drinking water.
Fabrics250-40020Immerse the fabric in the disinfectant when disinfecting;
After disinfection, clean the residual disinfectant with drinking water.
The concentration of disinfectant needed to kill all kinds of micro-organisms, the time of disinfection and the value of killing
Disinfectant action concentration (in available chlorine content) mg/ LTime of action (min)Microbial killing index
10010Logical value of killing Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus鈮?
20010Logical value of killing pseudomonas aeruginosa鈮?
Logarithmic value for Candida albicans鈮?
20020Curative value of killing poliovirus l vaccine strain鈮?
50060Logical value of killing spores of Bacillus subtilis black variety鈮?
Functional Specifications
Wash your face mode:
Manufacturing method: 330m water solution for 3 minutes
Effect: Pour into the basin instead of washing face water or spray on the skin surface with bottle to inhibit free radical oxidation to a certain extent
Disinfection mode
Manufacturing method :330m water + 2G refined salt, stir or shake the cup body for 30-60 seconds to fully dissolve the salt, electrolysis for 3 minutes to produce disinfectant concentration 鈮?00mg/L effect: spray or soak, have the effect of cleaning, decontamination, degradation of pesticide residues on vegetables and fruits, sterilization.
Suitable for toothbrushes, dentures, pet supplies, toys, air conditioners, shoe cabinets, bath towels, bedclothes, vegetables and fruits, all kinds of kitchen supplies.
Washing mode:
Manufacturing method :330m water + 2G refined salt, stir or shake the cup body for 30-60 seconds to fully dissolve the salt, electrolysis for 10 minutes to produce disinfectant concentration 鈮?00mg; Function: spray, soak or wipe with towel, sterilize and deodorize
The function of bleaching and washing.
It is suitable for underwear, toilet, bathroom, trash can, hospital, water outlet and places where mold is propagated.
Matters Needing Attention
1. The sodium hypochlorite disinfectant produced by this machine is for external use and should not be taken internally. It should be placed in a place inaccessible to children;
2. Operate the machine in strict accordance with the instructions;
3. Do not carry out other operations in the manufacturing process to avoid damage to the equipment;
4. During the manufacturing process, it is normal for yellow sallow precipitate to appear in the solution. This is because the water is rich in iron ions
5. Please use the manufactured disinfectant in time, otherwise the concentration of the disinfectant will decrease due to the influence of light and temperature, and the retention time of the disinfectant in the cup body should be reduced to extend the service life of the equipment.
6. The manufactured disinfectant should be used on the spot as far as possible, and the excess should be sealed in a dark and dry place or a clean room with good ventilation. The storage time should not be too long.
7. Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant has a certain corrosive effect on metals, so use it carefully.
8. It is prohibited to use disinfectant solution to sterilize and prevent discoloration of textiles knitted with natural fibers other than white
9. It is strictly prohibited to use with alcohol, vinegar, toilet cleaner and concentrated sulfuric acid.
10. The disinfectant can be used to clean the humidifier, but it is not recommended to keep it in the humidifier tank for continuous use.
11. If not in use for a long time, open the cover of the main engine and place it upside down to dry before storage.
Harmful substances and contents in the product
The following section lists the names and contents of the hazardous substances that may be contained in the product in accordance with the Requirements for Identification of Hazardous Substances in Electronic and Electrical Products GB/T26572-2011 (also known as China ROHS2.0).
Part NameHazardous substances
Lead lead (Pb)Mercury (Hg)Chromium (Cd)Hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI))PBBs (PBB)PBDEs (PBDE)
Plastic parts鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>
Silicon rubber鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>
Titanium mesh鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>
Power adapter脳鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>鈼?/p>
This form is prepared according to the rules of SJ/T11364
鈼? it means that the content of the harmful substance in all homogeneous materials of the component is below the limit requirements stipulated by GB/ T26572(IEC62321).
X: means that the content of the hazardous substance in at least one homogeneous material of the component exceeds the limit specified in GB/ T26572. However, the content of the "脳" parts in the above table is higher because there is no mature alternative technology in the industry.
All information in this document has been carefully checked. If there is any printing error or misunderstanding, please contact us.Disinfectant Water Making Machine factory

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