DTH Hammer

DTH Hammer
Posted by denooooo on 2020/09/03
DTH Hammer

*Product Description
Product锛歋D8 DTH Hammer
Shank: SD8
Material: Fine Alloy Steel
Size锛? inch
Outside Diameter: 180 mm
Length without Bit: 1356 mm
Thread: API 4 1/2鈥?REG PIN (RIGHT)
Working Air Pressure: 10~25 bar
Recommended Rotary Speed: 20~45 r/min
Impact Rate at 17 bar: 20 Hz
Air Consumption: 964 cfm/246.6 psi, 1536 cfm/348 psi
Net Weight: 191.05 kg/pc
*Application: Water Well Drilling, Exploration Drilling, Foundation and Geotechnical Drilling, Geothermal Drilling
A. WONTECH SD8 HAMMER is normally applied in drilling water wells, geotechnical engineering holes, piling holes, and so on.
B. It's designed to work with SD shank bit with foot valve to meet the local market and varies on its unique structure with any other international brands like Epiroc, Mincon, Sandvik and Robit, etc.
C. The top sub is threaded with API 4 1/2'' REG PIN right and can work together with all API 4 1/2'' REG BOX drill pipe. Left thread is also available.
D. The impact rate of SD8 DTH hammer reaches 20 Hz and can perfectly pass on the torque power from the drill pipe to the hammer and finally to the bits so that to break the rock efficiently.
E. All key spare parts like a top sub, piston, driver sub, and outer cylinder have to be put in the heating oven and change their internal particle structure in order to gain the most stable and tough physical performance. This helps gain a longer service life.
* After-sales Service
*Why Choose Wontech?
A. Abundant Product Portfolio. Our products are widely used in drilling open-pit and underground blast-holes, water and thermal boreholes, tunneling, hydraulic engineering, geological exploration, oil and gas exploitation, bridge and architectural construction, etc.
B. The leading capability of design and development. We have experienced professional engineers and technicians dedicated to the process of perfection.
C. Professional Technical Solutions. Professional technical solutions. To provide customers with quality products, good reputation, and dedicated service, we in order to meet the needs of the market and unremitting efforts.
D. Fast Delivery. We normally need 25 working days for production
E. Strong sales network. There are five overseas companies and warehouses in Spain, Chile, Russia, South Africa, and Brazil, which can meet customers' needs efficiently.
F. Tailored services. We will provide customized products according to customer requirements, such as product appearance, application, packaging and logo, OEM and ODM are available.
G. Strict quality control. Our production process is based on strict quality management methods, and all possible quality problems will be prevented and controlled in advance and eliminated as much as possible.
Question 1: What are your conditions to be your official distributor?
We would like our partners to own a certain market share in the local market and with the potential capability and ambition to expand its market in 3~5 years.
Question 2: What are your advantages when competing with other Chinese manufacturers?
To start with, it is well known that Wontech's quality is good. Secondly, Wontech boasts a wonderful and experienced sales teams who are always doing field research in different markets by regularly visiting customers and attending professional trade fairs. Our sales manager always talks with the customers face-to-face to know the local market and can provide the best services. Besides, a very large sales network has been built through overseas companies. By now, we have set up our branches and warehouses in Brazil, Spain, Russia, South Africa, Chile, and India. Last but not least, we are also working closely with local distributors.
Question 3:How about the quality of your products?
So far, we are proud to say that our product quality is at the top level among Chinese manufacturers, competing with international brands such as Atlas, Sandvik, Mincon, Robit, etc., with excellent quality and compatible price. However, our experts have been working hard and will always be committed to providing customers with the best quality products.
Welcome to inquiry SD8 DTH hammer锛?/p>DTH Hammer

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