Ear Thermometer Free Sample

Ear Thermometer Free Sample
Posted by sin1bm on 2021/01/06
Ear Thermometer Free Sample

Product introduction
Ear temperature gun belongs to non-contact remote sensing type) of (though perhaps less than a centimeter of temperature measuring instrument, it is the use of detection of tympanic membrane (equivalent to the hypothalamus) emitted by the infrared spectrum to determine the temperature of, according to the blackbody radiation theory, the different temperature of the object generated by the infrared spectrum is also different, use can be accurate to 0.1 鈩?Thermopile (Thermopile) infrared detectors, shift readings by micro computer and emerge.
Product parameters
Appearance dimensions31 *175*72mm
Weightabout 77g (except battery)
Measuring Range34.0鈩儈42.2鈩?(93.2 ~ 107.9鈩?
Object temperature0 ~ 93.2鈩?(32 ~ 107.9鈩?
Resolution ratio0.1鈩?鈩?/p>
Measurement LocationLaboratory
Accuracy(35.0鈩儈42.0鈩?卤0.2鈩?, (95.0 ~ 107.9鈩? 卤0.4鈩?other temperature:卤0.3鈩?/p>
Operation temperature10.0鈩儈40.0鈩?50.0 ~ 104.0鈩? relative maximum humidity 15% ~ 93%
Atmospheric pressure50kPa ~106kPa
Storage temperature-25鈩儈55鈩?(-13~131鈩? relative maximum humidity 0%~93%
Period of useFive years
Batterytwo pieces of 1.5V AAA (number serven) batteries
Warranty1 year
Product details
Packaging and shipping
Box size: 56cm*36cm*59 cm (approx. 15kg per box). 50pcs/box
Q1: If i place order 10k pcs to USA now ,when I can receive parcel ?
A: We inventory 80k pcs , do u have shipping agent ? we prefer air freight to ur local international airport , tell me airport name pls ,delivery time 5-7days . if u cant clear custom , maybe we can help u too. more details pls contact me now
Q2: Can we have our logo to be printed on the units or packaging ?
A: Sure only our model name KZED-8801 cant be removed . MOQ 3000 pcs . free to OEM. i can provide u article document right now.
Q3: What can I do if I want to test bulk order quality ?.
A: Welcome to visit our factory and warehouse any time .Ear Thermometer Free Sample

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