Grinding Equipment manufacturers

Grinding Equipment manufacturers
Posted by votbtbtb on 2020/12/22
Grinding Equipment manufacturers

Raymond mill is a commonly used milling equipment with a complete set of products that can be self-contained into a production system. It is mainly used for high-fine powder processing of non-flammable and explosive minerals with a Mohs hardness of not more than seven grades, humidity of less than 6%, and hundreds of materials such as chemicals and building materials.
鈱?/strong> Feeding size 鈱?/strong>锛?/strong>鈮?0 mm
鈱?/strong> Production capacity 鈱?/strong>锛?/strong>0.3-9.5 t/h
鈱?/strong> Application range 鈱?/strong>锛?/strong>Calcium carbonate pulverization processing, gypsum powder processing, power plant desulfurization, non-metallic mineral powder production, coal powder preparation, etc.
鈱?/strong> Applicable material 鈱?/strong>锛?/strong>Barite, calcite, potassium feldspar, limestone, talc, dolomite, gypsum, etc.
Outstanding advantages
路 Low investment cost and high screening rate
Raymond mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding and grading transportation. The system is simple and compact. The floor space is about 50% of the ball mill system. It can be arranged in the open air, which can greatly reduce the investment cost and the the fineness of the finished powder is uniform, the screening rate is as high as 99%.
路 Production process upgrade, life cycle growth
The grinding roller assembly is coupled by a tie rod and a high pressure spring, and the resulting force avoids the loss of bulk material to the equipment. The elastic connection between the main machine and the classifier reduces vibration and noise and improves the service life of the device.
路 Precision design, high efficiency and environmental protection
High-density and high-precision impeller device, the output of finished products is increased by more than 50% under the same power; the energy-efficient centrifugal induced draft fan greatly improves the efficiency of the induced draft fan; the unique air self-circulation system is equipped with an advanced dust collector to carry out the environmental protection concept to the end.
Equipment composition
The whole structure of Raymond mill is composed of main machine, analysis machine, pipeline device, blower, finished cyclone separator, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder and electronically controlled motor. The Raymond mill main body is composed of a frame, an inlet volute, a blade, a grinding roller, a grinding ring, a casing and a motor.

Working principle
When the Raymond mill is working, the grinding roller is tightly pressed on the grinding ring under the centrifugal force, and the blade shovels the material to the middle of the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and the material is broken into powder under the action of the rolling pressure, and then Under the action of the fan, the powdered material is blown up through the analysis machine, and the material that meets the fineness requirement passes through the analysis machine, and the heavy grinding chamber that does not meet the requirements continues to be ground, and the material of the analysis machine enters the cyclone separator to be separated and collected. The exhaust air is separated by an industrial filter cloth, and can be powdered at one time.

Technical Parameters
Model Roller number(pcs) Roller size(mm) Inner diameter&height of ring(mm) Max.feed size(mm) Final size(mm) Capacity(t/h) power(kw) Weight(t) Overall dimensions(mm)
3R1510 3 150*100 570*100 15 0.2-0.044 0.3-1.2 7.5 2 3200脳2100脳3800
3R2115 3 210*150 630*150 15 0.2-0.044 0.4-1.6 15 3.6 4500脳2800脳5800
3R2615 3 260*150 780*150 20 0.2-0.044 0.8-2.5 18.5 4.2 5650脳3305脳3950
3R2715 3 270*150 830*150 20 0.2-0.044 0.9-2.8 22 4.8 5600脳3400脳5900
3R3015 3 300*150 875*150 20 0.2-0.044 1.2-3.5 30 5.3 5700脳3500脳5900
4R3016 4 300*160 890*160 20 0.2-0.044 1.2-4 30 8.5 6500脳4100脳5200
4R3216 4 320*160 970*160 25 0.2-0.044 1.8-4.5 37 15 9900脳5800脳10580
5R4121 5 410*210 1280*210 30 0.2-0.044 3-9.5 75 24 790脳8000脳9700
the production capacity of different materials is different, please consult for more details: 0086-371-66888887
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2. Provide customers with tailor-made global transportation arrangements to ensure safe and fast delivery of goods.
3. Regularly return visits to all users to track product usage, ensure that equipment is in optimal working order, and help customers achieve maximum benefits. Grinding Equipment manufacturers

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