Large Fiberglass Center Console Inflatable Boat

Large Fiberglass Center Console Inflatable Boat
Posted by nrentqua on 2020/07/16
Large Fiberglass Center Console Inflatable Boat

Amazing luxury rigid hull inflatable boat             
FRP RIB MODEL SXV680C with bow locker is a popular deluxe deep v hull fiberglass sport console boat. The tough RIB features of fiberglass v hull are anti-corrosion and rugged durable . Transom is designed for long shaft outboard motor .
Tube material : 0.9mm PVC, 1.2mm PVC, 1.0mm ORCA hypalon, 0.9mm Achilles hypalon .
Fiberglass Hull: White powder coated 
Fiberglass rigid hull inflatable boat 680 model is designed for recreation or commercial marine applications as it is features of strength and stability .
Specification : 
Overall Overall tube          Max Max Package Boat
Model Length Width diameter Chamber Power Capacity Size Weight
(cm) (cm) (cm)          (HP) (person) (cm) (KG)
SXV680C 680 285 58 5 200 14 600*190*90 700
Package: foam package .
Warranty: PVC fabric 3 years, hypalon fabric 5 year. Seam and accessory 1 year .
What kind of probable causes for the trolling motor can not supply enough power ?
If the trolling motor can not supply enough power will create huge problem, as the trolling motor won鈥檛 be able to apply the required thrust .
1.The most possible cause is from the propeller. In this case, the propeller should be removed and cleaned. If it鈥檚 particularly bad, the propeller may need to be replaced.
2.The battery voltage might be low. For this problem, the battery should be recharged fully. If this doesn鈥檛 help, check to see if there are any bad cells.
3.Corroded battery connections can be the cause. The terminals and posts of the battery should be cleaned thoroughly.
4.It can be caused by faulty wiring connections or using the wrong sized wires. The recommended size of wire must be used to connect the trolling motor to the battery. The wiring connections should be checked and rearranged if necessary.
5.The magnet might be cracked and chipped permanently; this may be the cause if the motor makes whining and grinding noises. This causes lost power. In this case, the magnet should be replaced. Large Fiberglass Center Console Inflatable Boat

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