Led Video Walls in stock

Led Video Walls in stock
Posted by nsntng on 2020/10/09
Led Video Walls in stock

HDR LED Video Wall
Exco-vision provides unique, best-in-class indoor and outdoor LED display, our products are used in a wide variety of marketing or branding applications. From indoor and outdoor events, exhibitions, concerts, cinemas, fashion shows to retail advertising, our range of LED display advertising boards, HDR LED video walls and many other kinds of screens are suitable for any occasions or campaigns.
鈼?16:9 cabinet design, easy to build high-end 4K&8K LED video walls
鈼?Ultra-light and ultra-thin cabinet design help to save transportation and storage costs
鈼?Single or redundant power supply optional increases solution diversity
鈼?With single pixel brightness and color correction function, Valkyrie solves the problem of inconsistent bright colors caused by replacing modules on site
鈼?Smaller pixel pitch with high-density display characteristics, suitable for close viewing
鈼?With richer color configuration, Valkyrie shows you the cinema grade HDR LED video wall
Exco-Vision ValkyrieP0.9375P1.25P1.5625P1.875P2.5
Spec.Pixel Pitch0.9375mm1.25mm1.5625mm1.875mm2.5mm
ConfigurationMini 4 in 1SMD 1010SMD 1010SMD1515SMD2020
Panel Weight
(m虏)800 nits (After calibrated, 6500K color temperature)
ProcessingRefresh Rate鈮?920Hz
Frame Rate50/60Hz
Gray Scale鈮?4bit
Product Details
The product basically divided into three parts: module, frame and back cover. Meanwhile, the cabinet lock, wireless hard connection, as well as the power box are all integrated on the frame, which means once the video wall need to be repaired, you can simply get the component from both front or back side of the panel, it helps to highly improve the maintenance efficiency.
Professional protective packaging perfectly protects your products from bumps
Q1. What pixel pitch do I need?
A: It is recommended that your viewing audience is no closer than 1 Meter for every 1 mm of pixel pitch, so that people see video and not the individual pixels. For example, with a 3.8 mm pixel pitch wall, the minimum recommended viewing distance is 12.6' (3.8 meters). The exception to this is when you simply prefer a higher resolution than what the minimum recommended viewing pixel pitch provides, at which point you can either but a larger wall (for more pixels) or a tighter pixel pitch. For example, the actual resolution of a 3.8 mm pixel pitch video wall at a size of 16' by 9' is 1280x720. To get 1920x1080 video resolution with your LED video wall, you would need to increase your 3.8mm pixel pitch wall to 24' by 13.5' in size, or go to a 2.5 mm pixel pitch for the same 16'x9' LED video wall.
Q2. What is the life span of an LED video wall?
A: The LED diodes on LED video walls sold by CCI Solutions are rated for an 100,000 hours life span of 24/7 use at full power. Factoring in normal usage, plus the life span of the power supplies and receiving cards on the tiles, the industry says the expected life span of an LED video wall should be 12-15 years.Led Video Walls in stock

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