Mobility Scooter Brakes suppliers

Mobility Scooter Brakes suppliers
Posted by ttyu2121 on 2021/04/18
Mobility Scooter Brakes suppliers

Electromagnetic clutch supplier, clutch, dry bearing, 24v dry electromagnetic clutch supplied by electromagnetic clutch manufacturing company, built-in imported bearing, friction material precision manufacturing, CNC computer processing, using magnetic material to make disc (non-asbestos to make disc), Improve friction coefficient, service life and performance. It has the characteristics of durability, wear resistance, temperature resistance, and strong applicability. It is usually suitable for multi-purposes such as variable speed, forward and reverse, connection, disconnection, overload protection, high-frequency work, etc., using safe voltage DC24V, torque specification in 6Nm ~400Nm, complete specifications and models.
The electromagnetic clutch supplier, the clutch supplied by the electromagnetic clutch manufacturing company, has the advantages of superior response performance, large torque transmission, high torque transmission efficiency, no-load loss and durability. The functions include connection, separation, inching, and shifting., Forward and reverse, high-frequency operation, buffer start, etc., are widely used in printing machinery, paper machinery, bag making machinery, packaging machinery, metal processing machinery, food processing machinery, woodworking machinery and other industries.
Our service philosophy
1. The fastest response speed service, online customers will reply you within 3 seconds;
2. Regular follow-up guidance and maintenance guidance service after sale;
3. Provide free technical support consultation, free 3D drawings, free product installation videos, free door-to-door guidance services in the province;
4. Quality assurance. If there is any problem, we will deal with it as soon as possible. There is a professional after-sales follow-up team. Any product is guaranteed for 3 months and 1 year warranty;
5. High quality and low price, we will not blindly pursue low cost; because we understand that we will always use reasonable costs to create high-quality products, so as to win customers, win the market, and win success!
鈽匰tatic Brake
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