PE Lay Flat Hose factory

PE Lay Flat Hose factory
Posted by troqsng on 2020/11/24
PE Lay Flat Hose factory

Diameter: 1'' to 10''
Color: White, blue, black
Packing size: 20M/roll, 50M/roll, 100M/roll
Remark: Working pressure is 1/3 of bursting pressure1/3.
Features of PE lay flat hose:
Made of non-toxic & recyclable material, Polyethylene
Anti-Corrasion and anti-aging, storage duration lasting for 10 years
25%-50% lighter than traditional PVC lay flat hose
High tensile strength and high impact resistance
Workable under temperature range from -70 to +70 degree
Flexible, easy to carry and install in the field
Anti-UV for longer life span

I.Dthicknessbursting pressure
transparent PE LAY FLAT HOSE2inch50.90.41.5-2.0
1. Colorful Nylon Tape Wrapped Coils
2. Transparent PVC Tape Wrapped Coils
3. Pallets with sea worthy coils
4. Wooden Case
5. Plastic Hose Reels
6. Wooden Hose Reels
7. As customer's request
Contact person: Lisa yip
Tel:+8615957696822, +8613957666227
Address:Nanshan Industrial Zone, Luqiao, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
Please contact us if you are looking for a trustworthy source. Each of your inquiries will be taken into account and get our response within 24 hours. We will endeavor ourselves to deliver first-class products and tip-top services every time.
The main points of using agricultural water belt
It is necessary to avoid too many twists or folds. It is not allowed to drag on the ground at will to avoid cracks. Secondly, it should avoid contact with high temperatures and prevent contact with flame radiant heat. The raw material of the hose is made of high-strength polyester and The high-quality PVC synthetic material is easy to burn due to high temperature or open flame, and it is easy to cause damage. After use, it should be brushed, dried and placed in a cool place in a timely manner. Long-term immersion in water will easily aging its own material and cause folding The belt is easy to break during the process, and the silt is cleaned in time after use. It is very beneficial to prolong the service life * when placed in a cool place. Also, the agricultural water belt can often be laid vertically to a high place during irrigation, so it is necessary to use it The hook is used to reduce the falling force of the hose, and there is a water divider, which can turn on or off the water flow from the hose line, thereby shortening the time required to turn the water flow on and off.PE Lay Flat Hose factory

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