Quality Shoe Counter Skiving Machine

Quality Shoe Counter Skiving Machine
Posted by astao387v on 2020/11/05
Quality Shoe Counter Skiving Machine

Our History
In 1965 Tung Sheng Co., Ltd. was established by the fonder Mr. Chung-gen, Chen. Mr. Chen worked with Japanese factory in Feng Yuan township, Taichung and developed a series of rubber shoes machinery exclusively for Japanese high-quality shoe factories in the 1960鈥檚 including Calender & Extruder Foxing systems. Mr. Chen believed and insisted on all necessary treatments for machine parts and high-quality materials as well as the importance of listening to customer鈥檚 requests could provide customer-satisfied products.
Strong Basic Enterprise Limited Company was established by the 2nd generation, Mr. Paul Tu in 1992 for the purpose of integrating turnkey equipment, shoe-making-technology, and after-sale-service network. We have created a strong support group to provide our worldwide customers. Our team provides know-how consultancy, production technology, and whole plant design, rubber machine manufacturing including water, air, and electricity plans.
In 2015 we successfully implement Fully Automatic Rubber and EVA recycle pulverizing system to Nike , Adidas & Vans factories. The fully automatic system grinds fully vulcanized rubber, EVA, & EPDM. Hence it brings factories profits by reducing costs and help to reduce global wastes.
In 2020, we joined 鈥淭aiwan National Mask Team鈥?to develop the 3rd generation of fully automatic surgical mask making machine with CE standard to help reduce global virus spreading risks.
In the past 55 years, we manufacture machines for over 128 factories all over the world. The factory numbers are growing.
We have more than 50 cases of whole plant set-up experiences.
Many of our customers are public firms and big group companies. We also help small to medium entrepreneurs to set up their first factory in different countries all over the world.
The Brand Our Customers Produce
Our Product
Whole Plant Equipment for Vulcanized Shoes/ Sport Shoes/ EVA Slippers/ NBR-PVC Tubes & Sheets/ EVA Sheets & Insoles
Professional in Making all Kind of Calendars and Extruders for Making Rubber Outsole & Foxing Tape
Professional in Making all Kind of Rubber Cutting Machines
Professional in Making all Kind of Extruders
Professional in Making all Kind of Laminating Machines
Professional in Making all Kind of Glue Application Machines
Automatic Waste Rubber Recycling and Pulverizing System
Automatic Surgical Mask making production line
Product Application
Vulcanized shoes, rubber boots, EVA slippers, EVA products, insulation materials, car parts, surgical masks, sterilization autoclave
Production Market
Company Missions
Continue to dedicate our self to green environment (develop recycling systems)
Manufacturing Efficient Production and High Quality & Automation Equipment
Continue to help entrepreneurs set up shoes factories for country鈥檚 economy growth & job opportunity providing.
Put ourselves into customer鈥檚 shoes and Think from customer鈥檚 view points to Provide satisfying customer service.
Our Service
Pre-sales: Provide whole plant equipment design and drawing for customer鈥檚 confirmation according customer鈥檚 requirements.
During sale: Explain to customer the function of each machine as well as the pro and con of different machine designs. Make sure that customer purchase suitable and correct equipment.
After purchase orders are confirmed, provide customers with progress reports, ask if additional spare parts are required, provide specifications of accessory equipment to customers, test and adjust the machines, and provide photos to customer before shipment.
After-sales service: install machines, reply to customers about production technology and answer their questions whenever customer encounter machine or production issues, so that customers can start making profits as soon as possible.Quality Shoe Counter Skiving Machine

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