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Die casting Bimetal sectional radiators SH-B-500A4
Bimetallic sectional water heating radiators.
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Radiator color: RAL9016
Each bimetallic heating coil consists of steel pipes and aluminum panels. Thanks to this, heat is transferred very efficiently without wasted. Hot water, passing through the core, consisting of steel pipes, quickly heats up the aluminum shell and, accordingly, the air masses in the room.
The idea of a bimetallic radiator is that from the outside heat dissipates the metal with greater heat transfer, and the metal that is more resistant to corrosion contacts the coolant. The joints of the metal layers are sealed to eliminate the possibility of leakage.
Benefits of bimetal batteries
In addition to high strength and reliability, bimetallic radiators have the following advantages:
- Possibility of operation with any heat carrier - which means, use in apartment buildings and office centers. This favorably distinguishes bimetallic radiators from purely aluminum counterparts, which are very sensitive to the quality of the coolant, which is why they can poorly "get along" with central heating systems.
- High heat dissipation due to the aluminum part.
- Ease of installation.
- Accuracy of geometric parameters, uncharacteristic for old cast iron batteries.
- Bimetallic radiators, unlike cast iron ones, do not have a large number of protrusions that are traumatic for small children.
- Possibility to install thermostatic valves to regulate and control the room temperature.
- Durability and long term maintenance-free operation.
Model NumberSH-B-500A4
Central distance500mm
Net weight with nipple1.27kg
Net weight without nipple1.19kg
Water content0.18L/pc
Working pressure2.0mpa
Box size for 10 sections79*8*57cm
The approximate amount contained in 40 HC / sec.18600 SectionsRadiator

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