Rosin Ester factory

Rosin Ester factory
Posted by quisng on 2020/10/15
Rosin Ester factory

Maleic Modified Rosin Esters are light color resin that exhibit strong adhesion, good color stability and heat stability. easily dissolved in char, esters, turpentine solvents, the series "MRP" products can completely soluble in petroleum solvents(120#銆?00#), also exhibit good solubility with many polymers.
Maleic Modified Rosin Resin are Mainly used in alkyd paints, nitrocellulose lacquer, polyester paints, polyurethane paints and polyamide paints, lacquers incorporating this series resin can improve the pigments wettability, hardness, gloss, fullness and drying, gravure ink used this series products can exhibit fast - drying, glossy colorful and good adhesion,Maleic Modified Rosin Esters also can function as tackifier for hot-melt adhesives.
Main Data
ProductColor (Gardner,50% in benzene solution)Acid Number (mgKOH/g锛?/span>Softening Point (R&B锛屸剝锛?/span>
25kg kraft paper bags;1MT jumbo bags.
Why Choose US
1 We are leading Maleic Modified rosin Ester from china, There are the professional R&D department in our factory, We study the fresh goods to meet the market requirement. The advantages of our goods is high quality with lowest price.
2. Quality guarantee: Generally when we contact with our customers, we will supply the products sample as per our customers鈥?requirement. Once the sample approved, will as per customers鈥?suggestions to produce the goods, once finished, will send the sample, when everything is approved, will ship the goods as per the suggestions.
3. We accept any third party testing. Such as SGS. BV etc. Also can give you 100% supportRosin Ester factory

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