Side Labeling Machine manufacturers

Side Labeling Machine manufacturers
Posted by olcommmm on 2020/12/24
Side Labeling Machine manufacturers

ZF-TBC150 suitable for side labeling of single roll tape or side labeling of large tape. It can be full circle labeling and semicircle labeling. It can be produced separately or connected with other machines.
1. Servo motor control, accurate labeling.
2. The fastest speed is 100 rolls/min.
3. The max conveyor belt diameter is 150mm
4. Max labeling diameter is 350mm, labeling size is L (15-150)
Machine size L*W*H(mm):2000*970*1465
Shrinkage size H*肖(mm):(15-150)*(85-150)
Power supply:1P/220V/50HZ/0.4KW
Packing speed:40-100packs/min
Net weight:240KG
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