Soybeans Extract Equipment quotation

Soybeans Extract Equipment quotation
Posted by denooooo on 2020/09/02
Soybeans Extract Equipment quotation

There are two types of rotary valves: Horizontal rotary valve and vertical rotary valve, according to different working conditions. Vertical rotary valves is applied in the discharging of steamed complete round soybean, as the impact of the discharge is very small, and the breaking rate of round soybean is low.
The horizontal rotary valve adopts the non-contact small clearance seal structure the sealing surface is not easy to wear. The clearance between the rotor and the enclosure is small and the clearance can be adjusted. The water cooling system inside the rotor prevents the material from sticking to the surface of the valve cavity, realizing the smooth transportation of the material, and it is very easy to clean after use.
The rotary valves are designed with high precision, and manufactured and assembled with high demand. The steam consumption is minimized which greatly reduce the cost. Electrical interlocking is applied, which is safe and reliable, and ensures the continuous operation of the entire production line.Soybeans Extract Equipment quotation

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