Special Customized Trailer manufacturers

Special Customized Trailer manufacturers
Posted by dfglerk5 on 2020/07/07
Special Customized Trailer manufacturers

Product Description:
a)ESAT CHINA CIMC specializes in the development and production of a variety of special purpose vehicles. This trailer mainly transports wind turbine blades. We also call it: wind turbine blade trailers, rotor blade adapters, wind turbine trailers.
b)This trailer can cope well with the complex and harsh road transportation environment, especially in hilly areas or remote and rugged environment where wind farms are located. Ordinary lengthened trailers are difficult to deal with, which is the best choice for transporting fan blades.

The structure design is reasonable, the operation is simple and fast, and the performance is safe and reliable.
Easily deal with steep slopes or narrow winding mountain roads.

Product Parameters:
Product Name Hydraulic Multi-Axis wind blade transport trailer
Overall Dimensions 6000*3000* 1175±300(Lx W x H) (mm)
Number of Axle-line(n) 4
Speed(km/h) 5 80
Total weight(t) 136 65.6
Rated Payload(t) 122.8 52.4
Dead Weight(t) 13.2
Load Per Axle Line(t) 34 16.4
Axle Distance(mm) 1500
Wheels Distance(mm) 1800
Tyre Specification 215/75R17.5
Rim Specification 6.00-17.5
Number of Tyre 32
Max.Turning Angle of Wheel 55°
Min.Turning Radius(mm) inner 2600
inner 2600
Electrical system 24V,7 Pole plug
The whole set of LED lights,include Tail lamp with turn signal,brake light & reflector,side lamp etc.
One set 7-core standard Cable.
Painting After the vehicle shot blasting rust,And then spray two layers of anti-corrosion primer,and twice the protective paint.Color and pattern according to customer requirements
Remark: All the products we can customize for you,if you have any inquiries about our products,please contact us,we will give you the most reasonable price,the most perfect service,the fastest delivery time and best products!

Our Advantage
A.The professional design team provides customized customization according to the needs of customers. and manufacturing to your requirement.
B.Advanced production equipment, strict quality control, fast delivery, the most reasonable price.
C.The overseas engineer is in ready all the time against unexpected needs. Special Customized Trailer manufacturers

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