VLF Tester price

VLF Tester price
Posted by astao391 on 2020/11/11
VLF Tester price

VLF AC hipot tester is actually an alternative method of power frequency withstand voltage test. We know that  if we do power frequency hipot test of large generators, cables and other samples, because their insulation layer shows a large capacity,  it needs a large capacity test transformer or resonant transformer. Such huge equipment, not only bulky, high cost, but also very inconvenient to use. In order to solve this contradiction, the power department adopts to reduce the test frequency, thus reducing the capacity of the test power supply. From many years of theory and practice, it has been proved that using 0.1 Hz ultra-low frequency voltage test instead of power frequency voltage test .it can not only have the same equivalence, but also greatly reduce the volume and weight of the equipment. Theoretically, the capacity is about 1/500 of power frequency, and the operation is simple, which has more advantages than power frequency hipot test. From general speaking, vlf ac hipot tester has 0.1hz,0.05hz and 0.02hz three kinds output frequency.
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VLF tester Feature
1.This product combines modern digital frequency conversion advanced technology, using microcomputer control, boost, depressurization, measurement, protection complete automation.
2.Small size, light weight, large screen LCD, clear and intuitive, can display output waveform, print test report.
3.Current, voltage, waveform data are directly from the high voltage side sampling, so the data is accurate.
4.It has over-voltage protection: If the output voltage exceeds the setted limits,vlf tester can shut-down automatically to protect itself.
5.It has over-current protection: there is high-low voltage dual protection in the design, the accurate shut-down protection is made according to the set value at high voltage side; If the current on low voltage side exceeds the rated current, the instrument will act shut-down protection, the actuation time are both less than 20ms.
6.There is a high voltage output protective resistor in the boost body.It eliminates the need of additional protective resistor connected outside.
VLF tester Technical parameter
1. Output voltage : 30kv. 40kv.50kv,60kv.80kv,90kv.
2. Output frequency: 0.1Hz, 0.05Hz, 0.02Hz
3. Accuracy: 3%
4. Positive and negative voltage peak errors:  鈮?3锛?/p>
5. Voltage wave form distortion: 鈮?5锛?/p>
6. Use condition: indoor and outdoor; temperature: -10鈩冣埥+50鈩?Humidity: 鈮?85锛匯H
ItemPeak voltageMeasuring rangeNet weight and sizeTesting object
VLF-3030KV0.1Hz,鈮?.1碌FController: 4 kg
Booster: 25 kg
Size: L*W*H
323*174*32310KV and below voltage cable,transformer
VLF-4040KV0.1Hz,鈮?.1碌FController: 5 kg
Booster: 30 kg
Size: L*W*H
357*208*34313.8KV and below voltage cable,transformer ,generator
VLF-5050KV0.1Hz,鈮?.1碌FController: 6 kg
Booster: 45 kg
Size: L*W*H
357*210*36515.75KV and below voltage cable,power transformer, generator
0.1Hz,鈮?.1碌FController: 6 kg
Booster: 50 kg
Size: L*W*H
and below voltage cable, power transformer, generator
VLF- 80
80KV0.1Hz,鈮?.1碌F 0.05Hz,鈮?.2碌F  0.02Hz,鈮?.5碌FController: 8 kg
Booster: 90 kg
Size: L*W*H
357*240*39035KV and below voltage cable, generator
7.Power: AC 220V 卤5%,50hz/60hz
8.Specification can be customized !
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After-sale service
1.First-use responsibility system
After the product is delivered, the technician can guide the operation at site if the client requires, and be responsible for the first use of each part
2.One year warranty
All products warranty is 1year, life-time maintenance .
During the warranty period, if any defects or damaged because of product鈥檚 quality, maintenance or replacement can be provided with free charge in order to let our client鈥檚 satisfied !
If the troubleshooting is not difficult, and client can handle with it by themselves, we can offer the call-on line guide within 1 hour!
If the troubleshooting is difficult to handle with for client, we can promise that the best solution can be provided within 24 hours! VLF Tester price

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