Warehouse Store Pallet manufacturers

Warehouse Store Pallet manufacturers
Posted by drjfitne on 2020/11/26
Warehouse Store Pallet manufacturers

Plastic pallet has longer service life than wood pallet. They can be used multiple times, so they need to be replaced less frequently.
Compared with wooden pallets, plastic pallets do not have the risk of nails protruding or wood fragments piercing to avoid injury to employees or damage to goods.
The hygienic properties of plastic trays are also unparalleled: they are free of mold, fungi and bacteria, and the smooth surface of the plastic makes it very easy to clean. This makes plastic trays very suitable for use in health sensitive areas such as food or pharmaceutical industries.
Plastic pallets are also often used as so-called export pallets. Unlike wooden pallets, they are not contaminated with pesticides, do not require fumigation for export, and provide cost - and labor-intensive customs documentation.
Generally, the tare weight of plastic pallets is lower than that of similar wooden pallets. In addition, they don't affect weight, because when stored outdoors, they don't absorb water like wooden pallets.
The use of plastic pallets is particularly environmentally friendly for the following reasons: plastic trays can also be made of recycled materials. They have a longer service life than wooden pallets and can be recycled at the end of their life.Warehouse Store Pallet manufacturers

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