Watermelon Seeds suppliers

Watermelon Seeds suppliers
Posted by ppdd1112 on 2020/11/11
Watermelon Seeds suppliers

Product introduction:
1.Watermelon seeds are rich in oil, have the function of stomach, constipation, eat some seeds such as watermelon seeds have a certain effect.
2. Watermelon seeds have the effect of clearing lung and reducing phlegm, and have auxiliary effect on cough, phlegm and hemoptysis.
The specification as below:
Black watermelon seeds
H.P.S quality,
Size: 10,11,11.5cm
Moisture:10% max
Purity: 97% min
Our Quality:
With engineered technologically designed plants we ensure the uniformity and
consistency of all product categories, through to the processing and packaging. We
have gained globally recognized HACCP and ISO 9001 accreditation.
Exhibition display:

Watermelon Seeds suppliers

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