345w Solar Panel manufacturers

345w Solar Panel manufacturers
Posted by astao391 on 2020/11/11
345w Solar Panel manufacturers

1.Our History                             
      The YUANFAR INTERNATIONAL has focused on new energy products since the company set up. In recent years, Our department has been devoted to expand its business in the photovoltaic field. In 2018-2019, the export of photovoltaic business exceeded 730 million yuan. Our department quickly occupied a place in the Indian photovoltaic market in less than two years. After gaining the success of the Indian photovoltaic market, our Ministry plans to develop markets in Africa, Europe and other countries in 2020. In addition to traditional module products, it is planned to add new photovoltaic application products.
2.Our Product
  Our photovoltaic products are divided into the following three categories锛?br/>
3.Product Application
  Solar module : Our company produces many different types of solar modules under the HT-SAAE brand, Specific information is as follows :
TypePlate TypeCell TypeNumber of BusbarCell SizeMaximum powerRemarks
HT60-156P-C60Polycrystal5156.75*78.375320WHalf Cut
HT72-156P-C72Polycrystal5156.75*78.375380WHalf Cut
HT72-156M-C72Monocrystalline5156.75*78.375415WHalf Cut
HT60-156M(PD)60Monocrystalline5156.75*156.75320WDouble Glass
HT72-156M(PD)72Monocrystalline5156.75*156.75380WDouble Glass
HT60-156M-C60Monocrystalline5158.75*79.375345WHalf Cut
HT72-166M-C72Monocrystalline9166*83445WHalf Cut
HT72-158M-C72Monocrystalline9158.75*79.375410WHalf Cut  Double Glass
  In 2020, we will launch the 166 series of half-cut products with a maximum power of 445W. In addition, the existing products will be update with multiple technologies. And larger size products will be launched with larger cell area, higher power, and stronger reliability.
  Solar off-grid products : Our HT-ENERGY solar power system is mainly used in remote areas with no effective power grid coverage. The system has DC and AC voltage output interfaces and is suitable for various loads in ordinary family. We can provide customized services to meet the power supply needs of different users. The customized HT-ENERGY system can support high-power loads such as refrigerators and air conditioners etc. At this stage, the maximum capacity of the battery that can be mass-produced is 10 kWh.
    Our products use high-standard solar modules, high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries, high-tech MPPT controllers and inverters. They are safe, clean and environmentally friendly, with high energy density, low electricity cost, easy to carry, and suitable for many scenarios. It is mainly exported to Turkey, Zambia, Nigeria and many other countries.
Solar application products : Our company can supply solar CCTV camera, solar roof tiles, solar garden lights, solar flood lights, solar bags, solar folding panels, flexible solar panels, solar power bank and other solar application products and the certification is complete.
  Our company can provide high-quality products, suitable prices, professional business services, good payment terms and mixed order.Welcome to contact.345w Solar Panel manufacturers

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