Air Suspension Tank

Air Suspension Tank
Posted by astao307 on 2020/07/12
Air Suspension Tank

It is welded alu tanks which are top-quality high pressure and reservoir tanks for automotive, medical, agricultural, electrical, and other commercial industries.
It can be customized for a limitless range of mounting positions and angles to accommodate most mounting situations.
Our welded alu tanks are categorized by surface process: 1. polished, 2. coated black.
This is polished one.
Normal Welded Aluminum Air Tanks
DescriptionPart No.PhotoSpecifications
2.0Gallon/7.6L Aluminum Air TankAAT20Dimensions:151 X 482 X 195mm,6*1/4NPT Ports
2.5Gallon/9.5L Aluminum Air TankAAT25Dimensions:151 X 592 X 195mm,6*1/4NPT Ports
5.0Gallon/19L Aluminum Air TankAAT50Dimensions:236 X 510 X 260mm,2*1/4NPT Ports,2*3/8NPT PortsAir Suspension Tank

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