Assembler Machine Made in China

Assembler Machine Made in China
Posted by nrentqua on 2020/07/16
Assembler Machine Made in China

The series of corrugated paperboard producing machine of our factory produces are improved many times, and this make them have the new and unique design, elegant apperance, steadily working, quick move, easy operating features, etc. Compact with the similar kinds od machines, the functions can be 4-5 times faster. the slotting is clear and smooth, and the sizes are accurate. It have a long work life
Standard knife quantity: nine set slotting knives, and 2 set cutting knife
Technological Parameters
Processing size1300X400MM
Min. distance for slottingWidth between two slot is 45mm
Width of slotting3.5mm
Max.Working speed120times/min
Three- phrase inverter motorinverter motor 1.1kw
Machine size1550x1550x1220mm
1. Many years expertise and professional experience in designing and manufacturing.
2. Design and customized according to customers’ requirements.
3. High levels of performance,quality and reliability of all equipments and services.
4. Reliable quality proven by customers both at home and abroad.
5. Reasonable prices without compromising any products efficiency.
6. Promptness in both equipment delivery and technical support pre-and after sales.Assembler Machine Made in China

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