BEAM quotation

BEAM quotation
Posted by sdfera93w on 2020/09/09
BEAM quotation

Product Name: Plastic H20 beam
Raw Material: Polypropylene Resin
Specification: 40x80mm, length can be customized
Weight: 1.7kg/m
Product Performance: light weight, high strength, waterproof and Resistant, No absorption of moisture, no deformation, no mildew
Reuse time: More than 150 reusable times
Application: All building support systems
Easy to operate: Sawing, drilling and nailing are all available.
Operation Instruction: When nailing, the distance from H beam edge should be 15-30mm, the strength should be moderate, 40-50mm of the length of nails is better.
Bear temperature -35鈩儈120鈩?
Comparison with other beams
Plastic Timber
Common Wood
Common square steel
Common steel pipe

Market situation Popular Eliminate Eliminate Eliminate
Drop Test(10m) Not broken Broken Deformed Deformed
Wear-resistance Good Poor Good Good
After water absorption No absorption
or deformation Deformed Rusty and deformed Rusty and deformed
Difficulty of stapling Easy Easy Unworkable Unworkable
Expansion and contraction Small Smaller Smallest Smallest
Residual value of scrap High Non Low Low
Energy conservation and emission reduction Recycling non-pollution pollute Recyclable and contaminated Recyclable and contaminated
Regular maintenance No need No need Need Need
Reusable times 150-200 times 20-30 times 80-100 times 80-100 times
BEAM quotation

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