bulk Auto Turbocharger For BMW

bulk Auto Turbocharger For BMW
Posted by krbgls7 on 2020/08/13
bulk Auto Turbocharger For BMW

BMW TF035-JF11100

If the troubles come from quality & assembling, we will take responsible on the spare parts and service.
If the troubles come from human factors, users should take responsible for it.
Turbocharger is precision moving parts with high speed, please invite professional engineer to operate the installation and maintenance, before installing, please replace qualified oil and ensure the pipeline is unblocked so that it will not damage the engine.
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Turbocharger Knowledge:
Factors affecting the life of the supercharger
In use, we found that the damage and wear of the supercharger always occurs after the diesel engine and its vicinity, and many abnormal conditions of the diesel engine will cause damage to the supercharger. The supercharger failed, 40% was caused by poor lubrication, 40% was caused by external debris passing through the supercharger, and 20% was caused by other causes.
1.Lubricating oil. Lubricating oil is used to lubricate the cooling booster, but when the supercharger is working normally, its shaft speed is as high as tens of thousands per minute to hundreds of thousands of revolutions, the lubricating oil is foamed, and its cooling and lubricating performance is degraded. The lubrication system must be guaranteed to provide adequate lubrication. If the high temperature exhaust gas around 600 °C passes through the turbine chamber, the bearing housing will not be sufficiently lubricated and cooled, and the lubricating oil will coke on the wall of the annular oil passage, gradually blocking the oil passage.
If the lubricant is not cleaned, it will quickly damage the internal parts of the turbocharger. Lubricating oils containing dust, muddy deposits and metal particles can quickly break the mating clearance of each part, scratching and abrading the bearing surface. These will cause the turbine shaft to increase the rotational resistance and lose balance, causing the shaft speed to decrease, resulting in an increase in the power loss of the diesel engine, and the rotational imbalance will quickly cause damage to the supercharger parts.
If the quality level of the lubricating oil is aging, the various additives in the oil can not meet the lubrication requirements of the heavy duty working of the supercharged diesel engine, the lubricating oil will accelerate the oxidative deterioration, and the wear of the diesel engine and the supercharger parts will be aggravated.
Incorrect operation of the diesel engine's starting and extinguishing will also seriously affect the life of the supercharger. If the diesel engine is started, the speed will rise very high immediately, and the lubricating oil will not reach the supercharger bearing in time to accelerate the wear. After the diesel engine is turned off, if the supercharger is cooled and cooled first, and the flame is suddenly turned off, stopping the supply of oil to the supercharger will cause the internal parts of the supercharger to overheat. The oil in the bearing oil passage will carbonize and block the oil passage, and the bearing will be bitten. The danger of death.
The accumulation of carbon in the rear of the turbine caused by the leakage of the seal ring will cause the rotating parts to rotate and lose power. Unbalanced rotating parts are an important cause of leaks in the seal ring. Blockage or excessive resistance of the crankshaft vent or the booster return line can also cause the seal ring to leak.
2.Intake system. The operation of the supercharger depends on the intake system. Only the supply of sufficient and clean air can ensure the long-term trouble-free operation of the supercharger and prolong the service life. Therefore, the tightness of all intake pipe joints and hoses should be checked regularly to prevent air leakage. If the compressor leaks into the intake pipe of the diesel engine, the amount of inflation will decrease, which will cause the diesel engine to take the risk.
Black smoke. When a large particle of dust or sand enters the pressurization opportunity, the supercharger is immediately damaged. Smaller particles will also work.
The wheel blades are bent or cut and unbalanced, causing increased wear on the bearings and seal rings. When the unbalanced rotating member collides with the bearing, the oil passage on the bearing is gradually reduced, resulting in poor lubrication. As the bearing wears,
With the increase of the clearance, the working wheel blades of the compressor or the turbine hit the casing. The signal of this failure is the noise ratio.
Often increased a lot.
The intake resistance of the intake system should be small. If the air filter is clogged, the intake resistance increases, the amount of inflation decreases, and the power loss increases. At the same time, the seal ring on the compressor side will be too large due to the pressure difference. Leakage, causing excessive consumption of lubricating oil, is marked by a dark film of lubricating oil behind the blades of the compressor wheel.
3.Exhaust gas emitted. Small particles in the exhaust enter the turbine, which, like the particles entering the compressor, can cause damage to the supercharger.
Diesel engine fuel supply is too large, the intake resistance is large, the combustible mixture in the combustion chamber is too rich, causing the exhaust gas to overheat, causing the turbine casing and oil passage to overheat, and the leakage of exhaust gas from the exhaust pipe to the turbine chamber will be reduced. The speed of the turbine turbine, which increases smoke, can also overheat the turbine casing. These can cause corrosion in the turbine interior and turbine blades.
If the lubricant pressure is too high, the lubricant will seep into the turbine through the seal ring and will also cause carbon deposits in the turbine chamber.bulk Auto Turbocharger For BMW

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