buy discount Disposable Face Mask Machine

buy discount Disposable Face Mask Machine
Posted by astao346 on 2020/09/02
buy discount Disposable Face Mask Machine

The face mask from our disposable face mask machine can meet the EU and American High standards (level II), and we offer the standard of one-stop procurement:
* You purchased our machine, meanwhile we also can provide you with all the raw materials for making masks.
* We have great after-sales service group in many places, which can provide you with on-site service, help you solve the problem of machine installation and commissioning.
* We can arrange professional operators to guide you how to produce the face mask.
Earloop disposable face mask making machine fully automatic
Face mask printing machine construction
1.Description of the film feeder
2.Two-split mechanism function
3.Function description of ultrasonic strap welding mechanism
Description of production line equipment
Process flow of mask making machine medical face: after unwinding the cloth required by the respirator, it is pressed together by the roller, mechanically folded, threaded by the nose beam line, cut at a fixed length, then it enters the wrapped cloth, sealed by the ultrasonic welding, cut by the cutter, then it enters the two-split shunting mechanism, and then the body is shunted into two ear strap spot welding mechanisms, and fixed the ear strap spot by the ultrasonic welding On the main body, then the fixed number is collected;
銆€ Name Description Quantity Remarks
1Delivery partComplete feeding Folding and cutting of cloth1Yangli
2two-split shunting mechanismComplete the split-flow function of the body1Yangli
3ear strap spot welding mechanismsComplete welding of ear strap and collection of finished products2Yangli
Description of production line equipment
Main features of the earloop face mask making machine:
1. Using ultrasonic welding technology, the finished product is beautiful and fast.
2. The whole production line is automatic from feeding, nose line inserting, edge sealing and cutting finished products.
3. The whole line frequency conversion control can set the production speed according to the actual needs;
4. The whole frame is made of aluminum alloy, and the key parts are made of stainless steel, which is rust free, durable and easy to clean.
Main technical parameters of the equipment:
1. Power supply voltage: AC380V or 220V50Hz
2. Power: 3.5kw
3. Production efficiency: 6000-7000 pieces / hour
4. Total weight: about 700kg
The delivery time of this production line is 25 natural days!
Installation Environmental requirements
1. The ambient temperature is required to be between 0-35 鈩?
2. Humidity requirement is 40% - 80%, no condensation;
3. Power supply grid requirements: AC220V, 50Hz;
4. Fluctuation of power supply grid: 卤 5%, and the grid ground wire meets the international requirements. Where the voltage amplitude is more than 5%, automatic voltage stabilizing and current stabilizing devices shall be installed;
5. There shall be no strong electromagnetic signal interference near the installation equipment, and there shall be no radio transmitting station (or relay station) around the installation site;
6. Amplitude of foundation: less than 50 渭 m; vibration acceleration: less than 0.05g; avoid a large number of stamping and other machine tools nearby;
7. The equipment space shall be smoke-free and dust-free to avoid severe dust working environment such as metal polishing and grinding;
8. Working air pressure of equipment: 86-106kpa;
9. Some environments should be equipped with anti-static floor, strengthen shielding, etc;buy discount Disposable Face Mask Machine

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