China Air Cooler

China Air Cooler
Posted by ttyu1130 on 2020/11/30
China Air Cooler

Our after coolers will reduce the temperature of air from a compressor down to within 8C of the cooling water temperature. They should be mounted in a vertical position as shown in the picture below with a moisture separator inserted in the air-line immediately after the air outlet from the cooler. To avoid undure strain on the aftercooler long lengths of unsupported pipes should be avoided.
Rating details of the aftercoolers with an air inlet of 7 bar and 100C. The air outlet temperature will be 8 degrees C above the cooling water temperature.
ModelAir flow(m3/h)Air pressure drop(kPa)Cooling water flow(l/min)Internal air volume(l)Internal water volume(liter)
Design Parameter
Maximum working pressure on air side锛?0 bar
Maximum working pressure on water side锛?0 bar
Design temperature锛?25掳C
Specification and dimension of after cooler
EC100-A210140104G 3/4"G 3/4"320
FC100-A290202190G 1"G 1"410
FG100-A380294190G 11/4"G 1 1/4"520
GL180-A510400236G 2"G1 1/2"650
GK190-A510370236G 2"G 2"670China Air Cooler

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