China Collapsible Crate

China Collapsible Crate
Posted by astao307 on 2020/07/12
China Collapsible Crate

Product Introduction
Collapsible plastic moving crate has the advantages of saving logistics cost and storage cost compared with ordinary plastic crate.
They has advantages in compressive strength, durability and vibration resistance, it can be widely used not only in output but also in input. Because of its light weight and good transportation efficiency, the loading and transportation costs have been greatly reduced. After folding, the height of the them is only one fifth of the original height. It can be stacked on the pallet to realize the mechanized operation of the whole forklift truck. This will save logistics costs and labor costs. Therefore, it can make effective use of space when it is out of warehouse or out of shipment, so that the cost of shipping is reduced, the baling operation is greatly simplified, and the operation time and labor costs are reduced.
The folding storage crate system like this has contributed to the reduction of circulation costs through baling, packaging, loading and unloading, transportation and storage, and has created a high-efficiency and high-quality foldable storage crate system. They have been widely used, and will certainly replace ordinary plastic crates and carton plastic crates. They are the future trend of plastic crates.
Product Parameter
Model NO.ZX6040345W-8
StyleFolding plastic moving container
External DimensionsL600*W400*H345mm
Internal DimensionsL560*W360*H330mm
Folded DimensionsL600*W400*H85mm
Selective ColorBlue, yellow, red, etc.
Production Details

Product Application
Product Qualification
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China Collapsible Crate

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