China Container Skeletal Transporting Semi Trailer factory

China Container Skeletal Transporting Semi Trailer factory
Posted by Adryrv0 on 2020/06/16
China Container Skeletal Transporting Semi Trailer factory

Span-wing container skeleton transport vehicle
The wing opening car realizes the opening and closing of both sides of the plate, which greatly shortens the loading and unloading time of the cargo. Because of its fast loading and unloading speed, high efficiency, side loading and unloading and other advantages, it has become a very popular means of transportation for modern logistics enterprises, and has become the best choice for large logistics companies. The car design is beautiful, the freight transportation is safe and reliable. It is expected that it will occupy a position in the high-end logistics and transportation market. The principle of the flanking container produced by our company is to promote the hydraulic system through battery discharge through the power unit to lift the function. The lifting height can exceed the box, and the wing and the box are close to 90 degrees angle.
The hydraulic wing container is an improvement of the ordinary wing compartment. Through the power spring, manual device or hydraulic device, the wings and double back doors on both sides of the carriage can be opened. The top of the car and the rear door of the front plate are the same as the iron corrugated van, and the side is composed of a flip board, an upper board, and a lower board. Because it has the advantages of fast loading and unloading, high efficiency, and can be unloaded on the side, it is already a transportation tool that modern logistics companies favor!
The wing opens the box-type rectangular square tube frame structure, carbon steel corrugated, with a waterproof tank, a 4mm thick pattern bottom plate and a lying ring. The left and right sides of the double flying wings are hydraulically open and the lower end of the compartment can be selected for the movable rail. Electro-hydraulic integrated lifting device power unit, 4 hydraulic cylinders, two sides of the independent lifting work, do not affect each other.
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