China Disposable Mask manufacturers

China Disposable Mask manufacturers
Posted by ttyu1117 on 2020/11/18
China Disposable Mask manufacturers

ShenZhen Haoran Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the research and development, production and sale of medical devices and special labor protection articles. With high-quality protective mask, disposable mask, medical surgical mask, KN95 mask, thermometers, disposable protective gloves, goggles and other medical protective equipment and personal protective equipment. Our company has import-export operations right, national Class II medical device registration certificate, CE certification and FDA certification which can independently and quickly complete the export of a large number of mask and protective materials. Daily capacity: KN95 mask 100,000pcs Disposable mask 1,000,000pcs Disposable Technology promotes progress, provide health and safety medical products to the vast number of clinical users and the general public. To provide high-quality products and services, competitive prices and fast delivery time as our mission. May HaoRan's products make people's lives better!
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