China SEBS

China SEBS
Posted by ppdd1106p on 2020/11/05
China SEBS

Product Description:
SEBS is hydrogenated SBS.Under the action of catalyst, the polybutadiene chain is hydrogenated to polyethylene (E) and polybutadiene (B) chain, so we call it SEBS.The chemical resistance of SEBS is similar to that of natural rubber, with excellent water resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance.SEBS CH1310 is a linear block copolymer.Its physical manifestation is powder, styrene content is 30%, molecular weight is 100K.Mainly used in plastic modification and composite.
Product Application:
TPE compounding
Packing and Delivery
Q1: Are you a factory or a trading company?
A1:We company is manufacturer, also doing trade business. Without intermediate business, more reasonable price will be offered.
Q2: How could you ensure products'quality?
A2: We pay much attention to the research and development. Advanced equipment and professionals ensure excellent product quality.China SEBS

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