China Thermometer factory

China Thermometer factory
Posted by astao377 on 2020/10/22
China Thermometer factory

Product name: AI face recognition and temperature measuring device
Product Overview
Fk02 GYW AI face recognition and temperature measuring device is with high-performance, high-reliability. Based on infrared thermal imaging technology and relying on deep learning algorithms, it has fast recognition speed, high accuracy, and fast.
Capture the face information for a 1: N comparison. During face recognition, the human body temperature will be collected for temperature measurement. It can be used with personnel passages to achieve the rapid movement of personnel and the control of entry and exit of personnel, maximizing the efficiency of epidemic prevention.
Product Advantages
1-The Traditional Temperature Measuring Gun Needs To Be Held By A Person, And The Efficiency Is Low;
2-All-in-one Face Temperature Measuring Machine, Automatic Temperature Measurement By Facial Scanning, Saving Manpower And Improving The Efficiency;
3-Among Mobile People, People Without Masks Can Be Accurately Detected;
4-By facial scanning, it can automatically record personal information and check the records of relevant people going in and going out, so that it is convenient for personnels to be checked again;
5-Automatically record abnormal temperature information of the human body and automatically count relevant person;
6-Adopt deep learning algorithm, support 30,000 face database, 200ms speed recognition, to achieve the rapid movement of personnel;
7-Support data network upload, the device comparison results and snapped photos can be uploaded to the platform for real- time storage, and data can be continuously uploaded even if the network is off.
Product Parameter
Product type: Smart Device 2000 series
Product model: FK02GYW
Camera: 2 million cameras
Operating system: Linux
Display: 7 inch IPS hd 1024* 600, 300 CD/m2
Hardware interface: RS485, RS232, RJ45, relay output
Fill light lamp: infrared fill light, white light fill light
Rated voltage: dc 12V input
Panel size: 219x111x21.5mm
Stand size: 33x189mm
Algorithm Capabilities
Temperature measuring distance: 0.5-1m 0.75 m is the best
Face recognition distance: 0.5-2.2 m
Temperature error: temperature 卤0.3鈩?/p>
Human face capacity: 30,000
Identification accuracy: 99.5%
Recognition speed: approx. 200ms
Work Environment
Installation scene: school, community, construction site,
government, office building, etc
Operating temperature: -20鈩?60鈩?/p>
Working humidity: 10%-90% no condensationChina Thermometer factory

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