China Yoga Accessory factory

China Yoga Accessory factory
Posted by astao378 on 2020/10/26
China Yoga Accessory factory

飦?Meet all your needs: The large size foam roller is ideal for relaxing back muscles and thigh muscles. The muscle roller stick is not only suitable for the calf and thigh muscles, but also for relaxing the neck. Two massage balls work well in deep muscle knotting.
飦?Great for treatment and exercise: perfect for warm-up, relaxation and recovery. By releasing deep muscle fascia (applying pressure to specific parts of the body), it can help relieve pain and stiffness, reduce recovery time, avoid injuries and improve range of motion.
飦?Durable: You will get a high quality, durable roller. On the high-rigidity PVC core, there is an EVA high-density foam outer layer, which is a soft, extremely elastic but tough material. In addition, it has the function of resisting cracking, water, sweat and UV radiation. Please be assured that it will not wear or deform in time.China Yoga Accessory factory

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