Customized Aluminum Trailer Wheels

Customized Aluminum Trailer Wheels
Posted by astao395 on 2020/11/17
Customized Aluminum Trailer Wheels

As the leader of wheels line, the products made with our core technology are widely used on new energy vehicles, buses, coaches, heavy-duty trucks and trailers. Early as 2003, our company started the study of forged aluminum wheel equipped to truck and buses. It took only two years making our products pass the strict test. Since then, Our company started the supplying for domestic OEM market and our products quality are very well appreciated by the customers.
Aluminum wheel is continually providing weight reduced wheel sizes, it is also reported the increase of tyre service life time. The wheel is a block of metal, the inner structure is very average, so the shock inputting is very little, bring steady driving and reducing the tyre friction. The good balance of wheels and tyre friction will be related to the driving quality.
The other advantage of using alloy wheel is the whole appearance of vehicle.
Polished alloy wheel can increase the beauty of truck, improving the boost of the company figure, even can attract and keep the driver. Many fleet tempt drivers through the bling alloy wheel to their company.
Product: Forged aluminum wheel.
Material: T6061.
Manufacturer: Yes.
OEM/ Aftermarket: Yes/ Yes.
Warranty time: Three years.
Making Process: Fully forging technique-straight press machine with 12000 Tons, Intelligent Flow Forming Technology, Intelligent T6 Heat Treatment, Diamond cutting process, Strict quality control, etc..
Surface treatment: Bright machined, Polished, Mirror Polished, Chromed.
Packing way: Standard exporting pallets packing or cardboard box or assembly with tyres.
Delivery time: Within one month.
Shipping way: Container loading by sea.

Wheel Size Part No. Inset ( mm) Outset (mm) Disc Thickness (mm) Bolt Hole no. P.C.D. ( mm) Stud Hole Dia (mm) Center Hole (mm) Max loading (kg) Valve Tyre Size
22.5X14.00 HZR2251400001 0 28 28 10 285.75 26 220.1 5800 TR543E 445/65R22.5
HZR2251400002 0 28 28 10 335 26 281.2 5800 TR543E
HZR2251400003 0 26 26 10 335 26 281.2 5500 TR543E
HZR2251400004 0 26 26 10 285.75 26 220.1 5500 TR543E

Customized Aluminum Trailer Wheels

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