Customized Flexible Gooseneck For Water Purifier & Faucet

Customized Flexible Gooseneck For Water Purifier & Faucet
Posted by astao334 on 2020/08/18
Customized Flexible Gooseneck For Water Purifier & Faucet

Custom Made
1. Custom made: OD, ID, Length, Connector, Finishing, Strength.
2. Materials: Steel Iron, Stainless Steel and Brass Available.
Stay put when holding the Water Purifier & Faucet and also Flexible to be bended to any position.
Widely used as a Flexible Arm for Water Purifier & Faucet.
Flexible Water Purifier & Faucet Support
Support – an object
Hold – in position
Adjustable – by being re-positioned
Connect – two objects
Conduit – for electrical wire, etc
Protect – as a nearly indestructible housing for other conduits
Rigidity (Stiffness) – Ability to hold weight
Obedience (Stay-Put) – Ability to maintain a bending diameter
Our Services
1. We Can produce the gooseneck metal tube according to your drawings or specifications.
2. Strictly abide by the Confidential Agreements and never disclose your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information.
3. If you require other components, we can also manage it along with gooseneck flexible metal tubes.
4. Our Lead Time differs from 3 days to 15 days. Always before the due date.
5. Once we know your applications, specifications or drawing details, we can offer best solutions based on years of experience.
Packaging & Shipping
Lead Time: average 10 days.
Packaging: Inner package are PE bag, EPE Foam, Bubble Envelope; Out package is Paper Carton.
Shipping: All method (DHL, Fedex, UPS, Sea Transportation, etc) are available.
What specifics i need to tell manufacturer to ensure i'll get what i want?
Pls provide your engineering drawings or tell us your requirements on following specs:
1. Weight of the gooseneck to be supported/loaded.
2. Outer Diameter, Inner Diameter and Length.
3. Gooseneck Tube Detailed Specifications- Connectors, Screws, Fittings and Joints on both ends.
· If it is standard female or male ends, pls tell us its size.
· If it is irregular shape, we'll process CNC Lathing according to your engineering drawing.
4. Flexible Gooseneck Finishing & Treatment.
· Electro-Plating: Black, Chrome, Nickel, Zinc, Sandblast.
· Painted (in colors): All colors are available.
· Plastic Covered (in colors): PVC, TPE, PUC, Heatshrink Tube Sheathing.
· Silicone Gel Coated.
5. Other Post Process.
· Spotting on the connection part where ends fixed with the tube to enhance the joints.
· Weight capacity can be enhanced by inserting a sub-strength material.Customized Flexible Gooseneck For Water Purifier & Faucet

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