Facial Masks manufacturers

Facial Masks manufacturers
Posted by astao387v on 2020/11/05
Facial Masks manufacturers

1.Product Introduction
The facial mask sheet contains natural moisturizing factors to give the skin a natural glow. Always lock in moisture and keep skin supple. It can increase the precision of the skin, and then reduce the pores, making the skin tight and elastic.
2.Main technical parameters
Product NameMedical Facial mask sheet
Main Ingredientoligopeptide, collagen and hyaluronic acid
FunctionNourshing, Hydrating, Moisturizing
Selling Ponits1. Extremely thin-the thickness of the single sheet mask is only 0.1mm, and it is not easy to deform when pulled
2. Intensive nourishment-Each mask contains 30g of essence to provide deep nourishment and care for the skin
3. Micro-woven introduction hole-plant fiber material, which can penetrate nutrient solution densely
Features* Nourish the skin, add the required water to the skin
* Moisturizing, hydrating the skin and make it smooth
* Helps improve skin dryness
* Product name: Facial mask
* Size: Full Size
Volume30mlX7pieces, packed with box
Piece Weight: 0.3g
3.Product display
4.Product details
5.Product advantage
6.Target user
The face mask sheet is suitable for people with daily skin (hydrating, shrinking, storing water, brightening skin tone, firming, improving skin metabolism, slowing aging, etc.), sensitive skin (acne, acne, red blood, etc.) and special skin Rejuvenation, laser, photon rejuvenation) after the calm and repair! It can also prevent skin damage caused by sunburn and radiation, and lighten pigments!
7. Packing and delivery
8.Product performance test report
The product should be stored in temperature 2-5鈩? relative humidity no more than 80%, no corrosive gas, good ventilation, no direct sunlight.Facial Masks manufacturers

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