FIBC Jumbo Bags

FIBC Jumbo Bags
Posted by moko13am on 2021/08/16
FIBC Jumbo Bags

    PP woven bags or jumbo bags are known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Bags (FIBC bags).

It is an economical and ideal packing used for the storage & transportation of powdered, granulated and bulk products like sand, fertilizers or plastic

granules. FIBCs are most often made of thick woven polyethylene or polypropylene, either coated or uncoated. We are masters in making polypropylene

texture/fabric in a type of cubic bags.

    Rectangular jumbo Bags are easy for storing and carrying solid material. Also, these are

resistant to any sort of physical damage. They don't cause any harm to the material while carrying in the bag. With a large storage capacity, these jumbo

bags are ideal for carrying huge material in a convenient and simple manner.

    U-Panel jumbo bags are constructed with three main body components – one that runs the full

length of the bag forming the bottom and two sides (the “U”) and two additional pieces of fabric sewn between the U on two sides (the “Panel”).

Generally, U-panel bags will maintain a square shape when filled, especially with the addition of internal baffles. U-panel bags are an industry standard and

the most popular type of construction.

    Baffles are pieces of fabric that are sewn to the inside corners of a bag to maintain its cube shape after filling. The baffles have holes that allow the

product to flow freely through them. The baffles also prevent the bag from bulging, which makes the

baffle jumbo bag
stand up straight and in turn allows the bags to be more efficient in their use of space.  Net and tie baffles are another type

of baffle option, but not as common.

    Type C jumbo Bags are known within the industry as conductive or groundable Bulk Bags or

conductive jumbo bag
s. Constructed from non-conductive polypropylene material interwoven with conductive yarns that form a grid pattern, these are

designed to control electrostatic charges by grounding. The inner or outer surfaces of the FIBC may have a thin coating. In this case, the breakdown voltage

to the conductive threads must not exceed 6 kV to avoid propagating brush discharges The bag must be electrically grounded during filling and emptying - this

is essential to the safe use and performance of a Type C bag.

    Also called a tubular jumbo bag, the Circular Bag is made from fabric woven on a circular

loom, which is then cut to the proper length for a specified bag height, thereby eliminating the vertical seams on each of the bag’s sides.  The

tubular body design is ideal as a linerless option for fine and hygroscopic materials.  It is also an excellent alternative to the original four-panel

bag construction.  

    What are anti-static FIBCs, or anti-statics jumbo bags? They are large transport and

storage bags that resist electrostatic charge. Their typical diameter when filled is 45 to 48 inches, which allows the bags to fit two across in a

typical shipping container or truck. They are standardized containers and meet ISO standards.

    FIBCs, or flexible indeterminate bulk containers, have the following characteristics:

    1. They cannot be handled manually when they are filled.

    2. They are intended for the transport of solid material, whether flakes, powder or grains.

    3. They require no further packaging.

    4. They are designed for lifting from above by their lift loops or straps.

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