Grey Marble suppliers

Grey Marble suppliers
Posted by astao334 on 2020/08/18
Grey Marble suppliers

What does the perfect Calacatta marble slab look like?
In order to understand Calacatta, you need to know what is not Calacatta. Just because someone calls a Statuario marble, “Calacatta” – does not mean it is a true Calacatta. But what truly differentiates all of the white marbles in the Calacatta Region – as the Italians have discovered hundreds of years ago – is the stone’s veining and how white the background is. The whiter the material, the more expensive the slabs. The more “uniform” the veining in the stone, the pricier it gets.
At Aria we only go for the best Calacatta slabs, the one in a thousand. The one with the most unique veining and most clear and consistent pattern. The end result is crystal clear, even for those who can’t pinpoint Carrara on the map!

About US
Silk-Road stone company integrating design,manufacture and construction. The scope of business mainly includes provision of production and supporting services for domestic exterior walls and fine decoration engineering and production and processing of counter-top slabs for export purpose. The range of products includes granite and marble slabs, straight-shaped and arc-shaped stone lines, water-jet medallion and so on.Grey Marble suppliers

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