Keg Filling Machine manufacturers

Keg Filling Machine manufacturers
Posted by astao395 on 2020/11/17
Keg Filling Machine manufacturers

Made in China auto controller beer keg filling machine
The Beer keg filling machine introduction
This equipment is specially designed for filling all kinds of beer fresh-keeping containers (including stainless steel, plastic fresh-keeping barrels and beer draft barrels). The equipment can automatically complete the filling work.
The control unit of this machine adopts Siemens man-machine interface and the programmable controller of German Siemens Company for the whole process control. All control parameters (time value) can be adjusted without stopping. The control parameters (time value) can be adjusted without stopping.
The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the configuration can be customized according to customer requirements.
We also have the filling machine,the filling&washing one unit machine.
Simpe description
Technology parameter
1) Equipped with high powered water pump, clean completely.
2) Set the program freely, easy to operate.
3) Equipped with CO2 prepare presses function.
4) Save 50% water in the cleaning process.
5) Unique water temperature control device, clean with lye for better cleansing.
6) Steam sterilization, safe and reliable, is suitable for washing stainless steel barrel.
7) Polyamine ester rubber plate, the localization is safe and reliable.
Our company:
Accurun beer equipme Taian Accurun Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacture of brewery equipment,certified by CE,PED. We are specialized in brewery design,manufacture,installation and commissioning.With fine workmanship,excellent performance and simple operation,Accurun Brewery Equipment is your wise choice for beer brewing.No matter in appearance,quality,technology or service,Accurun product stands for the top level of beer brewing equipment domestically and worldwide.As an Original Design Manufacture,Honglin Brewery Equipment perfectly fits various brewing process.Our engineers had been sent all over the world for brewery designing,installation, training and technical supporting.Keg Filling Machine manufacturers

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