Mesh Gaming Chair factory

Mesh Gaming Chair factory
Posted by Airnkd8r on 2020/09/13
Mesh Gaming Chair factory

This ergonomic  gaming chair meets the needs of people from 150cm to 185cm. It is suitable for height, weight and weight. It is designed with a Y-shaped back support, which can be adjusted from front to back and height to give you the strong top waist feeling you want at the waist. Closely fit the head and neck, the back of the head is more comfortable; the armrest is made of environmentally friendly materials, delicate and skin-friendly, and 3D multi-function adjustment to support the correct placement of the arm.
Middle back gaming chair: Ergonomic, suitable for any venue. Can effectively relieve fatigue caused by long-term work or games and relieve the pressure on the back and lumbar vertebrae. High-quality accessories, friendly leather, a variety of color combinations, with superior comfort and fashion sense.
High-quality material: high-density memory sponge, which can effectively rebound and restore the original shape while ensuring softness; PU/PVC/ synthetic leather selected many times is skin-friendly, stain-resistant, and not easy to damage. Accessories have been tested many times and the quality is guaranteed.
Versatile: Ergonomic, 80 to 180 backrest tilt, can let you work effectively also can let you rest comfortably, like lying in bed. Additional lumbar and neck support can effectively reduce body pressure. Armrests and cushions can be adjusted up and down to meet people of all heights. Universal wheel, flexible and silent, suitable for any place. All this is to give people better comfort.
Simple: A simple and easy-to-understand instruction manual, accompanied by a picture guide, explains in detail how to assemble the chair, and the assembly time is generally 20 minutes.
Can Be Customized: Material//Color/Size/and Armrest/Wheel/Base鈥︹€ct accessories. Can match according to your own needs, please contact us for details.Mesh Gaming Chair factory

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