Organic Pigments suppliers

Organic Pigments suppliers
Posted by Gmndkeljdi0 on 2020/11/26
Organic Pigments suppliers

Product Information
Product namePigment Green 7
Other NamesPhthalocyanine Green
CAS No1328-53-6
Molecular FormulaC32Cl16CuN8
AppearanceGreen Powder
It is used for coloring paint, ink, pigment printing paste, stationery, rubber and plastic products.
What is your delivery time?
A: usually we arrange the shipment with in 7-15 days.
How effective is the product?
A: different products have different shelf lives.
What documents do you provide?
A:usually, we provide commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading and inspection. If there are any special requirements in your market, please let us know.
What is the loading port?
A: usually Tianjin,Qingdao and Shanghai.Organic Pigments suppliers

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