Package Machine manufacturers

Package Machine manufacturers
Posted by Lwjeokaje7 on 2020/11/24
Package Machine manufacturers

Sealer machine BF450 works with BSN4020CKSL
Sealer machine Description:
Beautiful machine, Stable quality, Safety, energy saving, patented products, domestic initiative, application to the POF PVC PP film thermal shrink packaging effect is perfect.
1.Appearance and knot design in accordance with national standards, the fuselage uses fingerprint resistant sheet production after spray treatment.
2.Control panel using programming system, 12V DC input , button switch , digital display.
3.Transmission using 24v DC Motor speed control using variable frequency technology 0-9 file adjustment.
4.The conveyor belt can be used wire mesh belt, chain roller, Teflon mesh belt three.
5.Heating using 600W 220V far infrared quartz heating tube.
6.Temperature control using high precision intelligent temperature control system . up and down temperature independent regulation.
7.Hot air circulation using 220V 60W 2200 to the long axis motor with wind wheel.
8.The bracket can be disassembled , and the height of the bracket can be adjusted.
Shrink film flatulence : hot air retained in the shrinkable film
1. To increase ventilation hole number, to accelerate the air leak from the shrink film
2. Conveyor speed: to slow down the packaging machine, so that the hot hair has a longer time from shrink leaking,
3. Adjustable high machine temperatures to help the air leak from the film
Fine wrinkles: corner and edge series of wrinkles in the contraction film
1. There are too many holes on the film, so the air on the film goes too fast, so the film can鈥檛 shrink enough, reduce the less holes
2. The speed of conveyor is fast, so reduce the speed.
3. The temperature of the shrink tunnel is low, turn up the temperature.
4. The circulating wind of shrink packaging machine is too low, can make the circulate wind up.
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